• Susan and Tana

Best Bottoms Ever. Seriously.

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

Try these once and you will be hooked. I'm super picky and even I'm hooked.

I asked my 20 year old daughter who was effortlessly looking swag while wearing Mom jeans (high waisted, big pockets).

"What's it called when Moms wear Mom Jeans?" (I was seriously considering buying a pair thinking I could look as cool as she does).

She came back with, "It's called Jeans."


I've had an on again off again love affair with jeans, my most recent and longest lasting relationship is with 'boyfriend' jeans that are oversized enough for me to be able to sit comfortably and breath. Then Tana comes into my life and says,

"Try these jeans, you'll never go back."

Let me paint the picture - we were at a Buyers Market, my very first time and Tana's zillionth time. We're reviewing with the vendor and she was nudging me to try them right then and there in front of all these 'fashion' folk. Rushing into my mind are memories of mothers in hushed voices making their children try on clothing in the store, 'no one is looking, just put it on so I can see how they fit.'

Yep. Love. Firstly, you HAVE to go down 1 or 2 sizes for them to fit properly as they are super stretchy and pleasingly snug without any sort of pinching, binding with a non roll waist. BTW, I do not spend time measuring my self worth based on clothing size but even I admit that this had a nice ego stroke. Secondly, time to stop wearing yoga pants out because these are super flattering, completely NOT see through AND have pockets! Thirdly, So. Many. Styles.

We will be featuring this line of pants because we believe in them, love them and wanna share what makes us feel good!

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