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Dressing the shape of your body with love

When it comes to fashion, it just isn’t one-size-fits-all. And that’s perfectly good! Our world is made of women with different sizes, shapes, silhouettes and features; all beautiful just as they are. Dressing well is a matter of strategically choosing clothing that brings out your best and makes you feel your best. We just love the quote from Anne Klein, “Clothes aren’t going to change the world. It’s the women who wear them.” We see the beauty in each and every customer and offer styling to bring out that inherent beauty already within each person. Here are general guidelines for accentuating your favorite assets and feeling comfortable in your clothing choices. These are general ideas so see what’s helpful. The most important thing is how you FEEL in your clothing! This is where your best comes from - within!

Triangular Frame: Shoulders narrower than your hips

To create balance, you’ll want to go for items that draw the eyes up. So look for tops with a scoop neck, embellished, and dramatic sleeves. Accessorize to bring the spotlight to your upper half. Pair these with our slimming pants with a higher rise to streamline your look. A-line silhouettes look great on you to define the waist without being too clingy on the hips. Think about bringing some drama to your top half with ruffles, gathers, and bold jewelry; statement earrings are a wonderful addition. Color is also a great focal point with lighter and brighter tops with darker bottoms.

Inverted Triangular Frame: Hips narrower than your shoulders

To create balance, you’ll want to go for items that draw the eyes down. So look for tops with a v neck, vertical stripes, angled patterns and angled hems. Pair these with our slimming pants with a bootcut, straight or flared to finish your look. A-line silhouettes and empire waists work great on you to define your upper half with evening out the bottom.

Long necklaces, statement bracelets and even dangly earrings are a wonderful addition.

Love your body

Hourglass Frame: Shoulders proportionate to your hips and define waist

Balance and enhance with structure; wrap styles, peplums, fit and flare styles do well on you. Pair these with our slimmer pant or skirts and you’ve got a pleasing silhouette. Highlight your waistline with fitted separates that meet at the waist like tees with high waisted jeans. This draws attention to the midsection to balance top and bottom. You can also do belted dresses and cropped jackets that will look flattering to create a bit of tailoring to the middle.

Rectangular Frame: Straight from the shoulders to the hips

Highlight your favorite asset since the shape is more linear. Choose our wide-leg, flared or bootcut jeans to highlight your legs with a simple top . Create the appearance of a fuller chest with a detailed collar, scoop or sweetheart neck paired with our slimming pants. You could even do volume or flowing styles on top and bottom with a belt or sash. Structured jackets also create a look of curves and paired with a cropped wide leg pant can add dimension. Think cinched waist, bold prints, full skirts like a midi length a-line dress to create a waistline and lengthen legs.

Come and see us, it’s our pleasure to help you find what makes you feel and look fabulous. ❤️


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